Thursday, November 15, 2012

IAAE Boards Meeting

The Scheman Center on the Iowa State Campus Saturday November 17th in Room 80 will be the site of IAAE Board Meetings.  The Executive Board will meet at 10 and the Advisory Board will follow at 11. Both boards will be discussing our Strategic Plan and implementation. See IAAE Goals 2012...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Results in Iowa

From our Lobbiest Cal Hultman:
The only change in the Congressional delegation is Rep Latham defeated Rep. Boswell.  The Iowa House will remain in GOP control but down from 60-40 to 54-46 with some close races on both sides and that number may change after official canvas next week,but it is unlikely to change control.  The Senate was democrat controlled at 26-24 and again with some very tight races the Democrats have 26 and GOP 23 with a vacancy in Sen Wards seat .  There will be a special election in Dec. for this seat and it leans GOP.  All judges were retained.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nominate Your School Board for State and National Recognition

To nominate your local school board for The Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network and National School Boars Association Award, complete the online nomination form by December 3, 2012. 
The award program involves one school board per state that comprises the maximum national pool of nominees. Final selection is made by a national panel of arts educators and arts administrators including representatives of the KCAAEN and NSBA. The national award is presented every year at the annual national conference of the NSBA.

Talk to Your Congressman

In less than two weeks, Congress will be back in Washington, DC, making decisions that will impact students, educators, and public education for decades to come.  Policymakers will face some tough questions in the coming weeks.  We must make sure they are ready to rise to the challenge and make the correct choices.
Here is a link to a clever video ad that will resonate with Iowa Arts Educators. Will Congress choose kids over CEOs, or will they continue to give tax breaks to the wealthiest while slashing programs that serve vulnerable children?  Will they stop putting the burden for deficit reduction on the shoulders of kids, or will they continue to let corporations get away without paying their fair share? 
Now is the time to make our voices heard.  Don’t let them make the wrong choices!