Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Visual Arts Kiosk at the Wells Fargo Center

One of the newest exhibits at Iowa Hall of Pride highlights the story of Visual Arts Education in Iowa. There are ten content areas that relate to the actions and services of the Art Educators of Iowa. Although this site was created to appeal to a broad audience it is specifically designed to reach art educators, students, art patrons, administrators, teachers, parents, and relatives of students.

Provided at the site are trivia questions about art and architecture in Iowa. An easy to use touch screen format allows one to select from three options and points are given for correct answers. There are also questions about Grant Wood and Art Education in Iowa.

One of the more visual aspects of the exhibit is a category called All-State Art Awards. Here one can look at the artwork of winning All-State art students going back to 1997. Like most of the categories, this area will be updated each year. Visitors are finding that they enjoy looking at the artwork. Each student showcases five works of art and there are many categories.

Student and teacher interviews are also provided. They explore such issues as the nature of creativity and the demands of a “21st Century Creative Workforce”. This site reflects the strength of the people who work together and share ideas, concerns, and enthusiasm for Visual Arts Education in Iowa.

Dave Pratt, All-State Chairperson

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