Thursday, June 11, 2009

Empty Canvases and Silent Orchestras?

John Showalter is a student at UNI who interviewed Diane Franken and others on the state of arts education in Iowa.

"The assignment was for a class called "News Writing for Print Media" with Dr. Christopher Martin. We were to write enterprise stories; large news stories that combined research and interview to tackle a social/cultural issue. Among themes in the class were premarital cohabitation, the state of life in Cedar Falls, Iowa, etc. Some of my favorite classes growing up were music and art classes, and I knew this was something that impacted the entire country. I also knew it was a subject on which I could gather localized information relating to Iowa to grab an Iowan reader's expections while discussing the state in the country as a whole. It is a timeless subject yet a very important one. One may even be reminded of a world without art, such as Fahrenheit 451 or Brave New World and the horrific dystopian futures these portrayed."

John's article...Empty Canvases and Silent Orchestras?

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