Saturday, March 19, 2011

Service through Leadership (One person’s perspective) by David Law

It’s all about the students…that really is why we became teachers in the first place, isn’t it?  The most important kids are the ones in front of you. Just as the most import people are the ones at the meeting.  If you have ever wondered who those officers and leaders of your professional organizations are, they are people just like you who decided to make a difference in the lives of children. They simply took it one step further and got involved in their professional organizations.

Service beyond the regular day … ever felt that you just could not pack anything else into an already overcrowded day?  Too many activities at school and not enough time, too many family activities and not enough time and/or drivers, too much, too much, too much!!!!! Overload, right? RIGHT!!! We have all been there and those people who are serving your organizations are just as busy and just as overloaded.  Why are they doing it then?  Because without dedicated and caring individuals, the organizations will fail and all the members will have less resources and materials to draw upon.

Pay it forward … These individuals care about the long range good of the organization and are giving of their time and energy because they hope to make a difference in the lives and careers of future educators.

Be the change you want to see … If you have a concern or want to see a change then step forward and volunteer.  It can be as simple as being on a committee that is meeting that day (or once in the year.) Without your input the organization you belong to can only go in the direction set by others.  Step up and offer to help by suggesting ideas and offering to be part of the group.

Live your Passion … Your professional organizations live and die with the involvement of their members.  We are all passionate about our subject area and our teaching. Now take it to the next level and live your passion through the professional organizations of which you are a member.

It’s all about the students … In the end that is what it is really all about! Service to others will come back to you in many forms.  Step up now and offer your help and assistance to your professional organizations.  Don’t wait to be asked.  Get Involved!

The above reasons are why I became involved and why I continue to be involved.

David Law
Iowa Bandmasters – Past President
Iowa Music Educators Association – Past President
Iowa Alliance for Arts Education - Chair

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