Saturday, December 3, 2011

AP HIstory Petition

As an Arts Educator, you might be interested in signing a petition concerning AP Art History and college admissions scores in Iowa. The petition states, in part:

    ...All AP (Advanced Placement) classes deserve to be included in the RAI (Regents Admission Index). We understand that the  RAI Score is a formula which determines automatic acceptance to Iowa's State Universities.  It is also a factor in determining scholarships for our students. The index combines four factors deemed most valid in predicting success at regent universities: ACT or SAT test score, high school rank, high school cumulative grade-point average, and the number of completed high school core courses.
     Almost all AP classes are included in this formula. However, AP Art History, AP studio classes, AP Music classes and AP Computer Sciences classes are excluded because they are not "core" courses....

If you would like to read the full petition and have an opportunity to sign it, go to You are welcome to forward this link to friends of the arts. For more information, contact AP Art History at Linn-Mar High School, Gloria Zmolek at

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