Friday, April 13, 2012

Report Finds Arts Education Availability Remains High

According to Education Week (4/12, Robelen), a National Center on Education Statistics report found that "over the past decade, the availability of music and visual-arts instruction-on average-has changed little, and remains high, when compared with a decade ago." Jared Coopersmith, a project officer at the NCES, said, "Generally, what we really found is there is no consistent trend of decline in arts education in public schools." However, "the data offer a complicated-and sometimes conflicting-narrative of the changes in arts access in public schools, with some ups, some downs, and some maintenance of the status quo." Additionally, "disparities persist in access to arts education for impoverished students." Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said in prepared remarks, "The good news is that the last decade has not generally produced a dramatic narrowing of the curriculum in the arts," adding, "But there is considerable bad news in today's report, too-and especially for disadvantaged students."

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