Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Congratulations, Southwest Iowa!

Southwest Iowa will be rocking with the Wilson Performing Arts Center!
Get your tickets for the Grand Opening Season.
A note from Larry B.:  The Wilson Center is a Performing Arts Center. The lobby will be open to SW Iowa artists to put their work on exhibition and we will rotate artists every 2-3 months. We didn't have enough money to build classrooms for visual arts classes, but are currently working to find a space, much like the great Arts on Grand in Spencer, to offer classes, have exhibits and have a space for sales of work.
We are offering classes in strings, guitar, and creative drama. When the building opens, there will be a beautiful dance studio featuring a state of the art floor. The first classes we will offer will be "ballet for adults." We have many adult women who took ballet when they were young and want to renew their feeling of the muscle pain associated with the experience.

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