Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Elementary Schools In Hawaii Integrate Art, Core Subjects.

The Honolulu Advertiser (12/23, Moreno) reports that due, in part, to "growing expectations of No Child Left Behind and the increased emphasis of standardized test scores," most "educators readily admit that art education often takes a back seat to other 'testable' subjects such as math, reading, and science." As such, the majority of elementary schools in Hawaii "rely on their regular classroom teachers to deliver art lessons, and usually it's integrated with another subject." The State Foundation on Culture and the Arts' Artists in the Schools program, meanwhile, "matches professional teaching artists with classroom teachers to deliver art lessons that adhere to the state's curriculum standards. Artists provide 10 sessions of classroom instruction and classroom teachers then continue those lessons by integrating them into other courses." Another option for schools in Hawaii is the Honolulu Academy of Arts' Art to Go program, which circulates "a handful of art teachers who visit about 40 public schools across the state."

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