Monday, December 1, 2008

From Diane Franken: More on the 21st. Century Report

A Surprisingly Sensible 21st-Century Report is an article by Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews. Previously, Mathews wrote that the Report was "mostly a pipe dream, promoted by well-meaning people who embrace the idea of modernity but fail to consider how these allegedly new and important lessons can be taught by the usual victims of such schemes, classroom teachers."

The Partnership for 21st. Century Skills writes: "Never, as you would agree, has the Partnership advocated for the integration of 21st century skills at the expense of core subjects, like reading, math, science, social studies, etc.

In fact, the Partnership's work has been focused on how 21st century skills fit seamlessly into core subjects because it is both easy and vital to infuse core subjects with 21st century skills. As noted in research and materials, the teaching of core subjects is enhanced when students are expected to think critically and creatively, innovate, display oral communication skills and work and collaborate in diverse team settings. Quite simply, this is important work because teachers in their specific disciplines need to know how 21st century skills manifest themselves inside their discipline."

This article is an update of his opinion--now that he has calmed down. You may want to send him an email and his address appears at the end of the article!

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