Thursday, February 21, 2013

Education Reform Bill Progress

HF 215, education reform bill, passed the House Wednesday on a party line vote 52-44 with four absent.  The debate went until midnight on Tuesday before they recessed until morning.  The House rules prohibit voting after midnight.  The bill will now proceed to the Senate for consideration.  Hopefully they will work on this bill and amend it to their thinking and not send a separate bill back to the House.

The bill did a number of things including raising the beginning salary to $32,000 from the current $28,000. This is lower than the Governor originally recommended.  The four different types of teachers from beginning teachers to mentors was not mandated to the school districts but rather a local option.

It also set up a campaign to entice teachers into the field by offering a $20,000 tuition reimbursement over 5 years. There will be a certificate of distinction awarded to students who are college "ready".  It expand the "learning on line" program which already exists and the other major thing is an evaluation process for all teachers and administrators.

To view this bill you may go to and enter HF 215.

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