Friday, February 1, 2013

Lobbyist's Report

The House and Senate continued down different paths on education this week.  The Senate brought out of committee the three bills it takes to fund allowable growth and passed them on Wednesday and sent them to the House.  The House continued it's subcommittee work on the education reform bill.  

On the surface that sounds good but in reality it is not. The Senate is adamant to raise the allowable growth by 4% using the old method before taking up the reform bill and the House is just as set to do reform bill first and take the 4% allowable growth out of the general fund. This will continue until all bills are passed in one chamber and sent to the other. This same report could probably be written for the next three weeks.  One observer quipped that the republicans do not want to spend money and the democrats do not want change.  

Democracy at work....

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