Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lobbyist's Report

The House has continued work on the Education reform bill and has passed itout of subcommittee.  It is my understanding the full Education committeewill take it up next week.  This means it will probably pass the House before the end of the month. The Senate is a different situation.  They held their second subcommittee and do not appear to be in any hurry to move it out to the full committee.  They are still concentrating on allowable growth first which is contrary to the House The day of reconciliation on these issues between the chambers is
still a ways off.  Eventually they will come together and pass both issues. 

The first time this session the House and Senate came together on two issues. They agreed and passed the Internal Revenue Code update, which conforms Iowa tax code to Federal tax changes. Tax payers and preparers wanted this done early in the tax season. They also agreed on an appropriation to cover the transition cost of the mental health reform bill passed last year. This means the reform can begin to take place and eventually have uniform mental health care statewide.

The House has moved the education reform bill out of subcommittee to the full committee and has it up in that committee next week. This means it is likely to pass House before the end of the month. The Senate still has it in subcommittee and has met twice on it, but has been concentrating on the allowable growth issue. Eventually the Chambers will have to find common ground on both of theses issues and pass them.

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